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Let Me Introduce Myself... 


My passion for design began in college where I majored in fine art and graphic design.


After college I found myself in Chico with an opportunity to open a small shop with a partner, Valerie Curran. Our shop consisted of a limited amount of furniture, fabrics, and accessories.  We were innovative for that time in that we carried a line of furniture that was made out of recycled paper and could be made into tables, headboards, and shelves.  We enjoyed working with young families to help them create a home that reflected their taste. Chico is a university town and we had a number of artisans to work with in creating our designs.


In 1976 I went solo and Martha Tout Interior Design was born. I had the good fortune to work with many families in the Chico community as well as the families of the farm communities that surround Chico.


In 1980 I was married and moved to San Francisco.  While establishing my practice in the Bay Area, I continued to work in the Chico area and would make a trip north several times a month. 











I have been working exclusively in the Bay Area, San Francisco, the peninsula, Oakland, and Alameda for the last 20 years. I am certified 

in the State of California to parctice Interior Design. As a certified interior

designer I am continuely taking classes to keep up to date with all

aspects of interior design.


My practice has allowed me to be extremely creative, working with a variety of clients, all with unique wishes and needs.


I am active in the American Society of Interior Designers

as an Industry Partner. I have sat on two ASID boards and represent

ASID along with the SF Design Center in offering Designer Wednesday


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